Mr. Marvelous
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Season 1
Created by Jennica Harper
Directed by Adam Weissman
Broadcast Information
YTV premiere November 15, 2011
Disney XD premiere September 6, 2011
Episode Guide
"Mr. Impossible"
"Mr. Dog"

Mr. Marvelous is an episode in Season 1.


Rachel Young sells Adam's comic book Mr. Marvelous to Slab then Adam dresses up as Mr. Marvelous to get it back. Meanwhile Echo and Ivy are fighting for school reporter.


  • Mr. Marvelous's sidekick is 'Awesome Boy'.
  • Mr. Marvelous's Nemeses are Professor Vortex and (in the real world) the Dogcatcher.
  • Mr. Marvelous's powers are super strength, heat vision, and the ability to fly.