Echo Sizzleswift
Gender: female
Gender appearance: really pretty,dark brown hair with bangs(adam describes her hair good smelling)usally wears colorful clothes
Age: 14(possibly older)
Professional Information
Friends and Family
unnamed little sister
none,shes only an high school student attending finagan high
Adam,Derby,and parcially Slab in some episodes
Love interests:
Possibly Adam
Pets: Mr. Tickleschmootz, a hamster

Echo is a student at Finnegan High School who Adam has a crush on. She is one of Adam`s best friends and is a student at Finnegan High School. She is in Mr. Young's class and is also Adam's friend. She doesn't notice anything he does to get her attention. She is intelligent,somewhat sassy and is described by Mr Tater as a show-off. She tricks Ivy into doing work by making up something to do with shopping. She's bright and shows a keen interest for new inventions, like Derby 's hair-growth formula.It is shown in Mr. First Impression she loves Adam and they share their first kiss! Adam and Echo are currently dating.


Echo is the girl-next-door that Adam wishes lived next door. She’s thoughtful, socially aware, and, beautiful, with a secret affinity for all things sci-fi(loves a show similar to star wars). Though she’s smart about most things, Echo is completely oblivious to Adam’s crush on her. But in Mr. first impression she reveals she likes Adam back, like kissing Adam and saying she likes him. They are currently boyfriend and girlfriend.